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This symbol indicates that audio files of the program (which include the commentary plus a short excerpt from each piece of music) are available in mp3 format. For programs with the microphone symbol, click on the name of the composer or the name of the work to hear that particular segment.

Program #79
Anniversary Show: Orchestral Music
Libby Larsen: Overture-Parachute Dancing
Lili Boulanger: Du Fond de L'Abime
Augusta Read Thomas: Triple Concerto...night's midsummer blaze for flute, viola, harp and orchestra.

Program #80
The Music of Astronomy
Nancy Van de Vate: Distant Worlds
Deborah Drattell: Syzygy
Jane Brockman: Perihelion II
Nancy Van de Vate: Dark Nebulae

Program #81
Cello-Piano and Viola-Piano Music
Louise Farrenc: Sonata for Cello and Piano
Rebecca Clarke: Viola Sonata

Program #82
The Art of the Song
Miriam Gideon: Sonnets from Shakespeare
Virginia Gabriel: Orpheus
Annie Fortescue Harrison: "In the Gloaming"
Libby Larsen: "Lift me into Heaven Slowly"
Clara Schumann: "Das Weilchen" ("The Violet")
Meredith Monk: "Do You Be"
Rebecca Clarke: "The Aspidistra"; "Shy One"
Miriam Gideon: "Leise Zieht Durch mein Gemüt" ("Lightly Drift through My Thoughts"); "Lockung"; "Vergiftet sind meine Lieder"; Steeds of Darkness

Program #83
Music for String Quartet
Tina Davidson: Cassandra Sings
Julia Wolfe: Four Marys
Grazyna Bacewicz: String Quartet No. 6

Program #84
Celebrating Black History Month
Florence Price: Symphony No. 3 in C Minor
Anna Rubin: Family Stories: Sophie, Sally.
Margaret Bonds: Little David Play on your Harp
Udine Moore: To be Baptized

Program #85
Love Songs
Clara Schumann: three songs, one from Op. 12, two from Op. 13
Miriam Gideon: "Wing'd Hour"
Kaija Saariaho: "Chåteau de L'Ame"
Alma Mahler: three songs from Fünf Lieder
Rebecca Clarke: "Come, O Come my Life's Delight"; "The Cloths of Heaven"

Program #86
17th Century Italian Music
Chiara Margarita Cozzolani: Vespro della Beata Vergine; Psalm 109, Dixit Dominus; Warren Stewart, director of Magnificat, discusses Cozzolani's music, and O quam bonus es; O Gloriosa domina
Barbara Strozzi: Aure Giá che Non Posso Dall'Idolo Mio
Chiara Cozzolani: Warren Stewart discusses Cozzolani's music, and Magnificat

Program #87
The Texas Connection
Sally Reid: Fiuggi Fanfare
Julia Smith: String Quartet, first movement
Ann Witherspoon: Tributaries, III
Ida Gotkovsky: Poeme du Feu
Priscilla McLean: Fantasies for Adults and Other Children

Program #88
Nationalistic Works for Orchestra
Amy Beach: Symphony in E Minor, Op. 32 (the "Gaelic")
Elfrida Andrée: Fritiof Suite

Program #89
A Native American Legacy
Judith Sainte Croix: Vision I
Katherine Hoover: Kokopeli
Miriam Gideon: Mixco
Katherine Hoover: Canyon Echoes
Judith Sainte Croix: Vision II

Program #90
Music for Passover and Good Friday
Elinor Remick Warren: Abram in Egypt
Judith Lang Zaimont: Parable (A Tale of Abram and Isaac)
Sofia Gubaidulina: The Saint John Passion

Program #91
The Violin as Inspiration
Minna Keal: Cantillation for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 4
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Prologue and Variations
Kaija Saariaho: Graal Théatre

Program #92
A Holocaust Memorial
Sylvia Glickman: Carved in Courage and The Walls are Quiet Now from the trilogy The Walls are Quiet Now
Marta Ptaszynska: The Holocaust Memorial Cantata

Program #93
Music for Earth Day
Margaret Brouwer: Crosswinds
Eleanor Hovda: Crossings in a Mountain Dream
Eleanor Cory: Canyons
Priscilla McLean: Rainforest Images

Program #94
Chamber Music with Winds
Stella Sung: Three Dances
Elizabeth Maconchy: Music for Brass and Woodwind
Eleanor Cory: Pas de Quatre
Minna Keal: Wind Quintet, Op. 2
Gillian Whitehead: Taurangi

Program #95
Music from France
Germaine Tailleferre: Ballade for Piano and Orchestra
Marcelle de Manziarly: Trio for flute, cello and piano
Suzanne Joly: Petite Suite pour Orchestre
Cécile Chaminade: "Ronde d'Amour" ("Love's Roundelay"); "Ma Premiere Lettre"; "Alluluia"; "Auprès de ma Mie" ("Near my Beloved"); "Espoir" ("Hope")

Program #96
American Orchestral Music
Nancy Van de Vate: Adagio for Orchestra
Libby Larsen: Ring of Fire
Elizabeth Hayden Pizer: Elegy in Amber (in Memoriam Leonard Bernstein)
Joan Tower: Silver Ladders

Program #97
Music for Chorus and Orchestra
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: Oratorium Nach Bildern der Bibel
Suzanne Joly: Ode à la Jeune Fille

Program #98
Chamber Music with Piano
Katherine Hoover: Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano
Miriam Gideon: The Suite for Clarinet and Piano
Eleanor Alberga: Dancing with the Shadow
Cécile Chaminade: Sérénade espagnole; Rondeau; Capriccio

Program #99
Clarinet Concertos
Emma Lou Diemer: Suite of Homages
Margaret Brouwer: Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
Libby Larsen: Corker
Ida Gotkovsky: Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra

Program #100
100th Show Celebration
Margarete Danzi: Sonata for Violin and Piano Op. 1, No.1
Clara Schumann: Variations on a theme of Robert Schumann, Op. 20
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra
Stacey Garrop: Thunderwalker

Program #101
Blond Eckbert, an Opera by Judith Weir
Excerpts from Act 1
Excerpts from Act 2

Program #102
The Cello Sings
Clara Faisst: Adagio Consolate in B flat Major, Op. 7 No. 1
Nancy Van de Vate: Concertpiece for Cello and Small Orchestra
Ethel Smyth: Sonata in a Minor, Op.5
Shulamit Ran: Private Game
Luise Adolpha Le Beau: Romance in E Major, Op. 24 No. 1

Program #103
Drama in Words and Music
Elizabeth Maconchy: My Dark Heart
Augusta Read Thomas: Ring Out Wild Bells to the Wild Sky
Alison Bauld: Farewell Already

Program #104
An American Mix for Independence Day
Joan Tower: Fanfare No. 1 for the Uncommon Woman
May Aufderheide: The Thriller!; Dusty Rag
Mary Baugh Watson: Dish Rag
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Concerto for Trumpet and Five Players
Mary Carr Moore: "I'm Going to Vote, John" and "Yankee Dewey Do"
Carol Barnett: Syncopated Lady
Stella Sung: Orange and Blue Rag
Florence Price: excepts from Mississippi River
Joan Tower: Fanfare No. 4 for the Uncommon Woman

Program #105
Water Music
Gillian Whitehead: Moon Tides and Shoreline
Rebecca Clarke: The Seal Man
Margaret Brouwer: Symphony No. 1 (Lake Voices); interview with the composer

Program #106
Music for Dance
Victoria Bond: Other Selves
Joan Tower: Stepping Stones
Eleanor Hovda: Leading Into and Away

Program #107
East Meets West
Alexina Louie: Winter Music
Chen Yi: Ge Xu (Antiphony)
Jin Hi Kim: Core
Anne Boyd: My Name is Tian

Program #108
Music for Guitar
Annette Degenhardt: Schachteltanz im Spreizschritt
Tania Gabrielle French: Three Landscapes
Annette Degenhardt: Chopinesque
Katherine Hoover: Canyon Echos
Annette Degenhardt: Farewell to Connaught
Tania Gabrielle French: Harbors of Light
Annette Degenhardt: Requiem

Program #109
Music for Halloween
Libby Larsen: What the Monster Saw
Deborah Drattell: Lilith
Katherine Hoover: Masks
Pauline Oliveros: Suiren

Program #110
Symphonic Music
Nicola Lefanu: Prelude; Preludio II
Margaret Brouwer: Remembrances
Esther Williamson Ballou: Prelude and Allegro
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Symphony No. 3

Program #111
Late 19th Century Chamber Music
Amy Beach: Violin-Piano Sonata in A Minor
Amy Elsie Horrocks: Twilight; Irish Dance; and Country Melody
Luise Adolpha le Beau: Violin Sonata Op.10

Program #112
The Prix de Rome of 1913
Lili Boulanger: Psalm 24
Louise Reichardt: "Unruhiger Schlaf," ("Unsettled Sleep"); "Wassernoth, Daphne am Bach" ("Daphne by the brook"); "Heimweh" ("Homesick"); and "Nach Sevilla! " ("About Seville!")
Lili Boulanger: Faust et Hèléne
Clara Schumann: "Liebst du um Schönheit" ("About Love and Beauty"); "An Einem Lichten Morgen" ("On a Glowing Morning")

Program #113
A Thanksgiving Feast of American Music
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Thanksgiving Song
Tania Gabrielle French: Four Illuminations
Miriam Gideon: The Resounding Lyre: "Portrait of Mother"; "Wahebuf Und Nichtenint"; "Halleluja"
Barbara Kolb: Looking for Claudio
Roberta Bitgood: Chorale Prelude

Program #114
Music for Hanukah
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: Ouverture
Kathryn Mishell: Trio for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano
Persis Anne Parshall-Vehar: Light/Lux/Svietlo
Deborah Drattell: The Fire Within
Jeanne Shaffer: O God of Peace, Bless us with Peace

Program #115
The Oracle of the Oboe
Melinda Maxwell: Pilbroch
Joan Tower: Island Prelude
Ruth Crawford Seeger: Diaphonic Suite for Solo Flute or Oboe
Sally Beamish: Tam Lin

Program #116
String Quartets from Italy, England, and America
Maddalena Lombardini Sirmen: String Quartet No. 1 in E flat Major
Kathryn Mishell: String Quartet No. 2
Elizabeth Maconchy: String Quartet No. 11

Program #117
Winter Sun
Emma Lou Diemer: Psalm 130
Hilary Tann: Winter Sun, Summer Rain
Katherine Hoover: Two Sketches (Winter Sands and Turnabout)
Tania Gabrielle French: Silhouettes at Sunrise
Emma Lou Diemer: Abide with Me for Organ

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