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Broadcast Archives — 2003 Programs

This symbol indicates that audio files of the program (which include the commentary plus a short excerpt from each piece of music) are available in mp3 format. For programs with the microphone symbol, click on the name of the composer or the name of the work to hear that particular segment.

Program #118
Third Anniversary: Orchestral Music
Joan Tower: Fanfare For the Uncommon Woman, No.4
Johanna Müller-Hermann: Heroische Ouverture op.21
Marianne Martinez: Sinfonia in C
Chen Yi: Symphony No. 2

Program #119
18th Century Composers
Anna Amalia, Duchess of Saxe-Weimar: Concerto for 12 Instruments and Cembalo Obbligato
Anna Amalia: Divertimento for Piano and Strings
Elisabetta de Gambarini: Pieces for Harpsichord, Op. 2
Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre: Trio Sonata No. 2 in D major (2nd Movement)
Cecilia Maria Barthélemon: Sonata in E major, Op.1/3

Program #120
Piano Recital
Kathryn Mishell: Images of Greece: "1. Hymn of Byzantium and Variation. Empty chairs..."; "2. Night, the wind..."; "3. The world sinks:..."; "4. Spill into the lake..."; "5. Now I raise..."; "7. Finale: How can you gather together..."
Cécile Chaminade: Pierrette, Sérénade; Air de ballet; and Lolita (Caprice espagnol)
Grazyna Bacewicz: Second Piano Sonata

Program #121
Duo Recital
Emilie Mayer: Sonata in D Major, op.47
Marie Barker Nelson: Songs of the Moon
Marion Bauer: Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op. 22

Program #122
Chamber Groups Large and Small
Kathryn Mishell: Voyage of the Spirit
Louise Farrenc: Nonett in E-flat Major, op.38
Eleanor Cory: Profiles

Program #123
The Music of Eckhardt-Gramatté
Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté:Molto Sostenuto; Symphony Concerto for Piano and Orchestra; Tempo di Gavotte from Triple Concerto

Program #124
A Composer's Valentine
Tania Gabrielle French: Fantasia
Kathryn Mishell: Sonata for Violin and Piano (Pierian CD #0051; release date 2015 * BUY THE CD)
Sally Beamish: Sonata for Cello and Piano
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Three Movements for Violin and Piano

Program #125
Music for African-American History Month
Florence Price: The Deserted Garden
Dolores White: Toccata; Blues Dialogue
Florence Price: Mississippi River
Julia Perry: I'm a Poor Little Orphan
Udine Smith-Moore: Is There Anybody Here That Loves My Jesus?
Valerie Capers: Cool-Trane; Billie's Song from Portraits in Jazz

Program #126
Polish Composers
Grazyna Bacewicz: Sonata No. 4 for Violin and Piano
Marta Ptaszynska: Songs of Despair and Loneliness: "Die Engel" (Rilke); "Dans l'interminable ennui" (Verlaine); "Come Away, Come Away, Death" from Twelfth Night (Shakespeare); "Canción de jinete" (Garcia Lorca)

Program #127
Thea Musgrave's Mary, Queen of Scots
Excerpts - Act 1
Excerpts - end of Act 1
Excerpts - Act 2
Excerpts - end of Act 2
Excerpts - Act 3

Program #128
Canadian Composers
Alexina Louie: Refuge
Jean Coulthard: The Bird of Dawning Singeth all Night Long
Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté: Sonata No. 4
Ann Southam: The Bells, No. 3

Program #129
Music for the Vernal Equinox
Clara Schumann: five songs of Clara Schumann: "Er ist gekommen in Sturm und Regen"; "Liebst du um Schoenheit"; "Das Veilchen"; "Lorelei"; "Mein Stern"
Tania Gabrielle French: Equinox
Sally Beamish: The Imagined Sound of Sun on Stone

Program #130
Composers and their Students
Nadia Boulanger: Vers la Vie Nouvelle
Thea Musgrave: Four Madrigals
Marion Bauer: Prelude and Fugue for Flute and Strings
Miriam Gideon: Rhymes from the Hill: "Chorus of the Gallows Gang"; "Korf's Clock"; "Palmstroem's Clock"; "The Sigh"
Ruth Crawford Seeger: Two Movements for Chamber Orchestra
Vivian Fine: Canzones y Dances

Program #131
New American Music
Margaret Brouwer: Sonata for Horn and Piano
Arlene Zallman: Trio 1999
HyeKyung Lee: Piano Concerto No. 1

Program #132
Music with Guitar from Czechoslovakia and Russia
Ekaterina Siniavina: Sonata for Harpsichord and Violin; Minuet
Mlle***: "Loin de l'Objet de Mon Amour"
Princess Varvar Dolgorouky: "Thémire Fuit"
Princess Natalie de Kourakine: "Je Vais Donc Quitter Pour Jamais"
Mlle N. de Veriguine: Andante Favori
Maria Zubova: "I am Banished to the Desert"
Maria Naryshkina: "On the Hills"
Sylvie Bodorová: Tre Canzoni da Suoonare

Program #133
An Easter Concert
Chiara Margarita Cozzolani: Messa Paschale (Easter Mass)
Excerpts: Part 1
Excerpts: Part 2
Excerpts: Part 3

Program #134
Celebrating the Earth
Sally Beamish: River
Eleanor Hovda: Glacier Track
Alexina Louie: Music for Heaven and Earth

Program #135
Russian Collection
Ester Mägi: Cantus; Processus
Sofia Gubaidulina: Allegro Rustico
Elena Firsova: Meditation in a Japanese Garden
Catherine de Licoschin: Polonaise
Princess Natalia de Kourakine: "Dérobe ta Lumiere"
Varvara Nikolaevna Golovina: "Roses d'Amour
Princess Natalia de Kourakine: "Quand Nos Jours"; "T'amo Tanto"
Sofia Gubaidulina: Chaconne
Elena Firsova: Hymn to Spring

Program #136
One Degree of Separation
Elizabeth Maconchy: Concertino for clarinet and small orchestra
Nicola LeFanu: The Old Woman of Beare
Nadia Boulanger: Vers la Vie Nouvelle
Lili Boulanger: D'un Vieux Jardin and D'un Jardin Clair
Miriam Makeba: "Ngoma Kurila"
Kathryn Mishell: Five Preludes for Piano
Andrea Perry: "Wilderness"; "Higher"

Program #137
Voices in the Air
Clara Schumann: 6 Lieder, op.13: "Ich stand in dunklen Traumen"; "Sie liebten sich beide"; "Liebeszauber"; "Der Mond kommt still gegangen"; "Ich hab' in deinem Auge"; "Die stille Lotosblume"
Miriam Gideon: The Hound of Heaven
Elinor Remick Warren: The Sleeping Beauty; (tag with credits)
Cécile Chaminade: "L'Amour Captif"; "Chanson Triste"; "L'Eté"; "Bonne Humeur"; "Je Voudrais"

Program #138
MacDowell Colony Composers
Mabel Daniels: Deep Forest
Ruth Crawford Seeger: String Quartet
Amy Beach: Ballad in D-flat for Piano
Miriam Gideon: three songs; Ecologue for Flute and Piano
Mary Howe: Suite for Piano and String Quartet
Louise Talma: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Program #139
Medieval and Early Baroque Music
Hildegard von Bingen: O Ecclesia
Francesca Caccini: An excerpt from La liberazione di Ruggiero
Lucrezia Orsina Vizzana: Componimenti Musicali, Ornaverunt faciem templi coronis aureis (They decorated the front of the temple with wreaths of gold; and Omnes Gentes Plaudite Manibus (All ye people clap your hands; shout unto God with the voice of triumph)
Isabella Leonarda: Sonata Seconda, Op. 16
Barbara Strozzi: Apresso à i molli argenti
Chiara Margarita Cozzolani: Regna terrae (You kingdoms of the earth, sing to God); and Tu dulcis, O bone Jesu (You are sweet, O good Jesus)

Program #140
A Gemini Concert: Double Concertos
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Concerto for Violin, Cello & Orchestra
Grazyna Bacewicz: Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra
Katherine Hoover: Double Concerto

Program #141
Korean Composers
Serra Miyeun Hwang: Allegory
Jacqueline Jeeyoung Kim: Tiger Chasing the Wind
HyeKyung Lee: Sonatina for Soprano Saxophone and Piano
Hyo-shin Na: Rain Study
Jin Hi Kim: Silk to Metal

Program #142
Music for the Summer Solstice
Thea Musgrave: Spring and Summer from The Seasons
Kathryn Mishell: Prelude and Vivace
Margaret Brouwer: Prelude and Vivace
Libby Larsen: Songs from Letters
Anne Boyd: Goldfish through Summer Rain

Program #143
Piano Concertos
Amy Beach: Piano Concerto in C-Sharp Minor
Joan Tower: Piano Concerto

Program #144
Orchestras Large and Small
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Chamber Symphony
Graznya Bacewicz: Concerto for Orchestra
Nancy Van de Vate: Journeys

Program #145
Concerto Program
Zara Levina: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2 in E Minor
Joan Tower: Concerto for Violin
Peggy Glanville-Hicks: Etruscan Concerto

Program #146
Pauline Viardot's Cendrillon (Cinderalla)
Excerpts - Act 1
Excerpts - Act 2
Excerpts - Act 3

Program #147
Music for Strings
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Double Quartet
Grazyna Bacewicz: Divertimento for Strings
Shulamit Ran: String Quartet No. 1

Program #148
Various Variations
Nancy Van de Vate: Variations for Chamber Orchestra
Katherine Hoover: Dances and Variations
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Prologue and Variations
Helene Liebmann: Variations on Mozart's duet "La ci darem la mano" from Don Giovani from Liebmann's Cello Sonata Op. 11
Arlene Zallman: Variations on the villanella "Alma, che fai?" by Luca Marenzio

Program #149
Baroque Old and New
Barbara Strozzi: The Three Graces toVenus
Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet De La Guerre: Sonata in A Major for viola d'amore, 'cello and cembalo
Carolyn Yarnell: More Spirit than Matter
Anna Amalia, Princess of Prussia: Three Regimental Marches
Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre: Trio Sonata No. 2 in D major

Program #150
French Chamber Music
Louise Farrenc: Trio Op.45 for piano, flute and cello
Germaine Tailleferre: String Quartet
Marcelle de Manziarly: Trio for flute, cello and piano

Program #151
Famous in their Day
Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre: Jonas
Anna Amalia, Duchess of Saxe-Weimar: Concerto for 12 Instruments and Cembalo Obbligato
Cécile Chaminade: Trio No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 11
Amy Beach: "Nachts"; "Fairy Lullaby"; "Far Awa'"; "The Western Wind"; and "Wir Drie"

Program #152
One Plus Piano
Katherine Hoover: Sonata for Oboe and Piano
Pauline Viardot-Garcia: "Hai Luli" and "Les Filles de Cadix"
Germaine Tailleferre: Sonata No. 2 for flute and piano
Sally Beamish: Bridging the Day

Program #153
An International Piano Tour
Ethel Smyth:Variations in D Flat Major, on an Original Theme
Kathryn Mishell: Novelette (Pierian CD #0051; release date 2015 * BUY THE CD)
Borghild Holmsen: Barcarolle; Scherzo
Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté: Sonata No. 1

Program #154
Secret Music
Segments include interviews with members of the ensemble Musica Secreta
Luzzasco Luzzaschi: T'Amo Mia Vita
Giaches de Wert: Non è Si Denso Velo
Luzzasco Luzzaschi: Troppo ben Può; Dolce Sospiri Ardenti
Giaches de Wert: Gratie ch'a pochi il Ciel Largo Destina
Luzzasco Luzzaschi: Occhi Del Planto Mio
Cipriano de Rore: Hor Che 'l Ciel e la Terra e 'l Vento Tace

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