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This symbol indicates that audio files of the program (which include the commentary plus a short excerpt from each piece of music) are available in mp3 format. For programs with the microphone symbol, click on the name of the composer or the name of the work to hear that particular segment.

Program #185
Fifth Anniversary Program : Orchestral
Sally Beamish: The Day Dawn (Bis * BUY THE CD)
Johanna Müller-Hermann: Epilog zu einer Tragödie "Brand", symphonische Phantasie nach Ibsen's Drama für grosses Orchester op.25 (Thorofon 2259 * BUY THE CD)
Margaret Brouwer: Mandala
Jennifer Higdon: Blue Cathedral (Telarc CD-80596 * BUY THE CD)

Program #186
American Wind Music
Beata Moon: Woodwind Quintet
Carol Barnett: Vignettes, After Pierides (flute, cello, piano)
Ruth Lomon: Bassoon Concerto
Victoria Bond: Shenblu (solo flute)

Program #187
Piano Solos
Marianna von Auenbrugger: Sonata per il Clavicembalo o Forte piano (Carleton 1002 * BUY THE CD)
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: Sonata in G minor (Carleton 1002 * BUY THE CD)
Elisénda Fabregas: Mirage
Jean Coulthard: Sonata for Piano, No.1 (Carleton 1002 * BUY THE CD)

Program #188
Three Concertos from Three Countries
Deborah Drattell: Fire Dances — Clarinet Concerto (Delos 3159 * BUY THE CD)
Sally Beamish: Viola Concerto (No.1) (Bis 971 * BUY THE CD)
Germaine Tailleferre: Concerto Grosso for 2 pianos, Singers, Saxophones and orchestra (Elan 82298 * BUY THE CD)

Program #189
Songs of Love
Clara Schumann: Six Lieder, op.13: Ich stand in dunklen Träumen, Op. 13 No. 1; Sie liebten sich beide, Op. 13 No. 2; Liebeszauber, Op. 13 No. 3; "Der Mond kommt still gegangen," Op. 13 No. 4; Ich hab in deinem Auge, Op. 13 No. 5; Die stille Lotosblume, Op. 13 No. 6 (Decca 452-898-2 * BUY THE CD)
Augusta Read Thomas: The Rub of Love (Teldec CD 24570 * BUY THE CD)
Libby Larsen: Love after 1950: I. Boy's Lips; II. Blond Men; III. Big Sister Says, 1967; IV. The Empty Song; V. I Make My Magic (Koch CD 3-7506-2 HI * BUY THE CD)
Cécile Chaminade: Five Songs: La Lune Paresseuse; L'Anneau D'argent; Te Souviens-tu?; Viens! Mon Bien-Aime!; Tes Yeux Malicieux (Deutsche Grammophon CD 289 471 331-2GH * BUY THE CD)
Alma Mahler: Three songs: Laue Sommernacht, Bei dir ist es Traut, and Ich wandle unter Blumnr; Eva Svard Mannerstadt,soprano, Anette Muller-Ross, piano.

Program #190
Focus on Piano
Marie Jaëll: 6 Valses mélancoliques, Impromptu, Alexandre Sorel, piano. (Solstice SOCD 156 * BUY THE CD)
Nancy Galbraith: Piano Concerto No. 1, Ralph Zitterbart, piano, Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, Keith Lockhart, conductor. (Ocean OR101 * BUY THE CD)

Program #191
Canadian Sounds
Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté: Etude de Concert. Marc-André Hamelin, piano. (Altarus CD 9052 * BUY THE CD)
Alexina Louie: Cadenzas,clarinet and percussion. Beverley Johnston, percussion, James Campbell, clarinet. (Impact CD — Centrediscs CMC-CD 2786 * BUY THE CD)
"A Canadian Lady": Canada Union Waltz; Frances J. Hatton, Molto Felice Impromptu; Susie Frances Harrison, Dialogue from Trois Esquisses canadiennes; Gena Branscombe: Valse-Caprice. Elaine Keillor, piano. (Carleton sound disc entitled "By a Canadian Lady," CSCD-1006 * BUY THE CD)
Deirdre Piper: The first movement of Diversions,played by the group Saxart. (Carleton sound CD, CSCD-1007 * BUY THE CD)
Violet Archer: Four Bagatelles, Elaine Keillor, piano. (Carleton CSCD-1006 * BUY THE CD)

Program #192
Lyrical Works
Ida Gotkovsky: Lyrical Concerto for Clarinet and wind orchestra. Christian Debauve, clarinet , Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides Regiment, Norbert Nozy conductor. (René Gailly CD87 143, Belgium * BUY THE CD)
Augusta Read Thomas: In My Sky at Twilight. Christine Brandes, soprano, MusicNOW ensemble, Pierre Boulez, conductor. (ART CD 19952002 * BUY THE CD)

Program #193
The Orchestra and the Piano
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Symbolon. New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Zubin Mehta conductor. (New World Records NW 372-2 * BUY THE CD)
Betsy Jolas: Stances. Claude Helffer,pianist, Nouvel Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France, Marius Constant, conductor. (Ades CD 14.087-2 * BUY THE CD)
Mary Howe: Castellana. Celius Doughery, Vincent Ruzicka, pianos, The Vienna Orchestra, William Strickland, conductor. (CRI CD 785 * BUY THE CD)

Program #194
Music from England
Ethel Smyth: Second Piano Sonata in F sharp minor, Liana Serbescu, pianist (CPO 999327 * BUY THE CD)
Liza Lehmann: Henry King, who chewed little bits of string, and was early cut off in dreadful agonies, and Charles Augustus Fortescue, who always did what was right, and so accumulated an immense fortune; Graham Johnson, tenor, and Anthony Rolfe Johnson, pianist, from In Praise of Women. (Hyperion 66709 * BUY THE CD)
Doreen Carwithen: One Damn Thing After Another, for orchestra. London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Richard Hickox. (Chandos 9524 * BUY THE CD)
Elisabeth Lutyens: Trio, Op. 135 for clarinet, cello and piano. The Mühlfeld Ensemble. (Clarinet Classics CC0007 * BUY THE CD)

Program #195
Kaprálová: Portrait of a Czech Composer
Vítezslava Kaprálová: String Quartet, Janácek Quartet. (Matous CD * BUY THE CD)
Military Sinfonietta, Czech Symphony Orchestra of Brno, Frantisek Jílek, conductor.
Partita, Op. 20 for string orchestra and piano, Jirí Skovajsa,pianist. The Czech Symphony Orchestra of Brno, Frantisek Jílek, conductor.

Program #196
Four Pieces for Four Players
Kathryn Mishell: Voyage of the Spirit, Vincent Frittelli, violin, Robert Rudié, viola, Stephen Perry (primo) and Kathryn Mishell (secondo), piano four-hands. (Pierian Recording Society, Pierian 0014 * BUY THE CD)
Elizabeth Maconchy: String Quartet No.9, Mistry String Quartet. (Unicorn-Kanchana CD, DKP(CD) 9082)
Chen Yi: Qi, New Music Consort. (CRI CD804 * BUY THE CD)
Joelle Wallach: String Quartet 1995, The Meridian String Quartet. (Capstone Records CPS 8689 * BUY THE CD)

Program #197
Savoring the Saxophone
Sally Reid: Fiuggi Fanfare, Abilene Christian University faculty and students.
HyeKyung Lee: Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Piano, Harvey Pittell, University of Texas Wind Ensemble, Jerry Junkin, conductor. (First Wave Music/Mark Custom * BUY THE CD)
Ida Gotkovsky: Final du Quator, Contraste Saxophone Quartet
Sally Beamish: The Imagined Sound of Sun on Stone (excerpt), John Harle, Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Ola Rudner, conductor. (Bis-CD 1161 * BUY THE CD)
Beata Moon: 2,3 Brian Sacawa, alto saxophone. (BiBimBop Records * BUY THE CD)

Program #198
The Palaces of Memory
Diane Thome: The Palaces of Memory. The Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble. (Centaur CRC 2229 * BUY THE CD)
R. Caroline Bosanquet: Elegy. Catherine Wilmers,cellist, Simon Marlow,pianist. (ASV CD QS 6245 * BUY THE CD)
Marta Ptaszynska: The third movement from concerto for Marimba and orchestra, entitled Thorn Trees; Krakow Radio Symphony, Szymon Kawalla, conductor, Keiko Abe, Marimba. (Indiana University Press CD * BUY THE CD)
Emily Doolittle: Night Black Bird Song. Stafani Starin and Jayn Rosenfeld, piccolo, Greg Beyer, Peter Jarvis and Tom Kolor, percussion. (SCI CD 17 * BUY THE CD)
Libby Larsen: Schoenberg, Schenker and Schillinger for flute, oboe, violin, viola, cello and EMAX II sampler. The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Donald Crockett,conductor. (CRI CD 669 * BUY THE CD)

Program #199
Women Composers at the Courts of Europe
Mrs. Philharmonica: Divertimento “Sonata Prima; Irene Schmidt, flute, Jaroslav Svecen´y, violine, Wladimir Kissin, Violoncello, Fine Zimmermann, Cembalo. (Cybele, UBC 1801 * BUY THE CD)
Franziska LeBrun: Sonata Op.1 # 2 for Violine und Cembalo in E Flat Major. (Cybele, UBC 1801 * BUY THE CD)
Maria Antonia Walpurgis: Prend l’ultime addio;Wolfgang Holmair, Baritone, Rosario Marciano,piano.
Anna-Amalia von Sachsen-Weimar: Sie scheinen zu spielen (Musical Heritage Society 512350Z)
Anna Bon di Venezia: The Divertimento "Trio III"; Irene Schmidt, flute, Jaroslav Svecen´y, violine, Wladimir Kissin, Violoncello, and Fine Zimmermann, Cembalo. (Cybele disc entitled Hofkomponistinnen in Europa, Vol.I, UBC 1801 * BUY THE CD)
Maria Theresia von Paradis: three songs: Endlich winkt der Freund der Müden, Es war einmal ein Gärtner, and Ihr Lieben, die ich Schwermuthsvolle. Yoshie Tanaka, mezzo-soprano, Yasuko Mitsui, piano. (Musical Heritage Society 512350Z)
Cecile Maria Barthélemon: Sonata Op.1 No.2 in F Major. Irene Schmidt, flute, Wladimir Kissin, Violoncello, and Fine Zimmermann, Cembalo; (Cybele disc entitled Hofkomponistinnen in Europa, Vol.I, UBC 1801 * BUY THE CD)
Mrs. Philharmonica: Sonata Quarta; Ars Femina Ensemble. (Nannerl * BUY THE CD)

Program #200
Into the Light’s 200th Anniversary Show
Doreen Carwithen: String Quartet No.2, Sorrel Quartet. (Chandos 9596 * BUY THE CD)
Pauline Viardot-Garcia: Bonjour mon Coeur, Désespoir, Adieu les Beaux Jours; Karin Ott, Soprano, Cristoph Keller, piano. (CPO 999-044-2 * BUY THE CD)
Kathryn Mishell: Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano, Robert Rudié, violin, Douglas Harvey, cello, Kathryn Mishell, piano. (Pierian CD #0051; release date 2015 * BUY THE CD)
Clara Schumann: Prelude and Fugue for Organ, Op.16, no.2, Barbara Harbach, organ. (Hester Park CD 7704 * BUY THE CD)

Program #201
French and Russian Music for Piano and Strings
Germaine Taillefere: Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano. Bruno Mezzena, piano, Franco Mezzena, violin. (Dynamic CD CDS 223 * BUY THE CD)
Sofia Gubaidulina: Piano Quintet. Rieko Aizawa, piano, Kai Vogler and Mira Wang, violins, Ulrich Eichenauer, viola, Peter Bruns, cello. (BIS-CD-898 * BUY THE CD)
Cécile Chaminade: Capriccio, op. 18. Nils-Erik Sparf, violin, Bengt Forsberg,piano. (Deutsche Grammophon CD 289 471 331-2 * BUY THE CD)

Program #202
Etudes for Piano
Agathe Backer Grøndahl: Three Etudes, Op. 22. Geir Henning Braaten, pianist. (BIS CD-1106 * BUY THE CD)
Cécile Chaminade: Etude Symphonique, Op. 28. Enid Katahn, Piano. (Gasparo GSCD-247 * BUY THE CD)
Grazyna Bacewicz: Ten Etudes. Ewa Kupiec, Piano. (Hänssler Classic CD 93.034 * BUY THE CD)
Agathe Backer Grøndahl: Etudes, 2,3,and 4 from Six Etudes, Op.11. Geir Henning Braaten, pianist. (BIS CD-1106 * BUY THE CD)

Program #203
The Hour of Soul
Sofia Gubaidulina: The Hour of Soul. The Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra, T. Mynbajew, conductor. M. Pekarski, solo percussionist, and L. Mkrtchyan, mezzo-soprano. (Aurophon 31606-6: Leningrad 1988, Vol 6 featuring the group collegno. * BUY THE CD)
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Concerto for Violin, Cello,and Orchestra. Jaime Laredo, violin, Sharon Robinson, cello with the Louisville Orchestra conducted by Lawrence Leighton Smith. (ADD * BUY THE CD)
Grazyna Bacewicz: Pensieri Notturni. The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra, Witold Rowicki, conductor. (Olympia OCD 311)

Program #204
Flute’s Breath and Breadth
Katherine Hoover: Divertimento. Wendell Dobbs, flutist, and members of the Montclaire String Quartet. (Leonarda, LE 349 * BUY THE CD)
Lili Boulanger: Nocturne, and D'un matin de printemps. Christiane Meininger, flutist and Christopher Arpin, pianist. (Bayer Records, BR100266 * BUY THE CD)
Melinda Wagner: Concerto for Flute, Strings and Percussion. Paul Lustig Dunkel, flute, and the Westchester Philharmonic, Mark Mandarano, conductor. (Bridge 9098 * BUY THE CD)
Jennifer Higdon: Legacy, Laurel Ann Maurer, flute and Joanne Pearce Martin, piano. (4Tay 4018 * BUY THE CD)

Program #205
Music for 2,3,4, & 6
Rebecca Clarke: Passacaglia on an Old English Tune, Catherine Wilmers, cello and Simon Marlow, piano. (ASV/Quicksilver CD QS 6245 * BUY THE CD)
Nancy Van de Vate: Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano. Janusz Mirynski,violinist, Zdzislaw Lapinski, cellist, and Marek Mitelski, pianist. (Vienna Modern Masters VMM CD 2001 * BUY THE CD)
Beata Moon: String Quartet: Homage to Béla. Corigliano Quartet: Michael Jinsoo Lim and Lina Mahn, violins, Melia Watras, viola, and Jeffry Zeigler, cello. (BiBimBop Records CD called “Earthshine.” * BUY THE CD)
Emma Lou Diemer Sextet. Max Lifchitz and the North/South Consonance Ensemble. (North/South disc, NS R 1005 * BUY THE CD)

Program #206
11/4/05 Canadian Orchestral Music
Alexina Louie: Songs of Paradise. The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kazuhiro Koizumi. (SMCD 5080 * BUY THE CD)
Jean Coulthard: Excursion Ballet Suite. Symphony Nova Scotia, Georg Tinter conductor. (CBC 2-5088 * BUY THE CD)
Norma Beecroft: Improvvisazioni Concertanti No. 1. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Victor Feldbrill conductor. (CMCCD 9303)
Jean Coulthard: Music on a Quiet Song. Timothy Hutchins, flute, CBC Vancouver Orchestra, Mario Bernardi conducting. (SMCD 5171 * BUY THE CD)

Program #207
Chamber Music for Strings and Piano
Marion Bauer: Sonata for Viola and Piano, op.22. Arnold Steinhardt, viola, Virginia Eskin, piano. (Albany Records 297 * BUY THE CD)
Clara Schumann: Piano Trio, Op.17. Veronica Jochum, piano, Colin Carr, cello, and Joseph Silverstein, violin. (ProArte CD * BUY THE CD)
Arlene Zallman: Sei la terra che aspetta. Michael Bonner, cello, Sarah Takegi, piano.

Program #208
A Canadian Portrait: Violet Archer
Interviews of the composer and others.
Sinfonietta. CBC Vancouver Chamber Orchestra conducted by John Avison.
Trio No. 2. Hertz Trio
The Bell. CBC Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Geoffrey Waddington.
(All from CMCCD 8502 * BUY THE CD)

Program #209
American Music of the 1990s
Augusta Read Thomas: Words of the Sea. Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Pierre Boulez conductor. (ART CD 19952002 * BUY THE CD)
Elizabeth Bell: Spectra, a Suite for Wind quartet, String Quartet, Piano and Percussion. North/South Chamber Orchestra, Max Lifchitz, conductor. (NS R 1029)
Nancy Galbraith: Wind Symphony No.1. Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble, Denis Colwell, conductor. (Troy 556 * BUY THE CD)

Program #210
A Concerto Tour
Cécile Chaminade: Concertino in D, Op.107 for flute and orchestra. Timothy Hutchins, flutist, CBC Vancouver Orchestra, Mario Bernardi, conductor (SMCD 5171 * BUY THE CD)
Jean Coulthard: Music to St. Cecilia for organ and strings. Patrick Wedd, organist, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Mario Bernardi, conductor. (SMCD 5113 * BUY THE CD)
Grazyna Bacewicz: Concerto for viola and orchestra. Stefan Kamasa, violist, Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra, Stanislaw Wislocki, conductor.
Esther Williamson Ballou: Prelude and Allegro. Vienna Orchestra, F. Charles Adler, conductor.
Elizabeth Maconchy: Concertina for Clarinet and Small Orchestra, first movement. Janet Hilton, clarinetist, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra conducted by Rumon Gamba. (Clarinet Classics CD entitled "Dedications" * BUY THE CD)

Program #211
American Romance
Amy Cheney Beach: Quintet in F Sharp Minor for piano, and string quartet, op. 67. Joanne Polk, piano and the Lark Quartet. (Arabesque Recordings * BUY THE CD)
Emma Lou Diemer: String Quartet No. 1. The Sunrise Quartet. (Living Music Foundation Recording, Vol. 1 * BUY THE CD)
Sally Reid: Elegy for Clarinet and Piano. Price Duo — Deon Nielsen Price, piano and Berkely Price, clarinet. [private recording]

Program #212
Music for Christmas Eve's Eve
Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté: Vier Weinachtslieder. (available from Eckhardt-Gramatté Foundation:
Isabella Leonarda: First Mass, Op.18. (Leonarda LP1 115 Stereo * BUY THE CD)

Program #213
The Best of 2005
Jennifer Higdon: Blue Cathedral. Atlanta Symphony, Robert Spano, conductor. (Telarc CD-80596 * BUY THE CD)
Vítzslava Kaprálová: Military Sinfonietta. Czech Symphony Orchestra of Brno, Frantisek Jílek, conductor. (MK 0049-2011 * BUY THE CD)
Cécile Chaminade. Étude Symphonique. Enid Katahn, piano. (Gasparo CD * BUY THE CD)
Mrs. Philharmonica: Divertimento "Sonata Primo" for flute, violin, violoncello and Cembalo. (Cyblele CD: Hofkomponistinnen in Europa, Vol 1. UBC 1801 * BUY THE CD)
Jean Coulthard: Music on a Quiet Song. Timothy Hutchins, flute, CBC Vancouver Orchestra, Mario Bernardi, conductor.

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